WHAT WE DO - Culture College



Culture College is a social enterprise that organises school tours to Arnhem Land to inspire and educate secondary school students about Yolŋu culture and their environment. Students will have the opportunity to learn and interact with elders and children in the Community and with our Cultural Exchange Program, learn from the Dhimurru and Yirralka Rangers about the environment and conservation techniques and take part in art classes at the Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Art Centre.

Arnhem land is one of the most culturally intact and pristine regions left on earth and home to the Yolŋu people and their lands of which they have been the traditional owners for over 50,000 years. Culture College is partnered with the local traditional owners to provide exceptional tours to schools to realise our aim of creating a new economy for Yolŋu people in Arnhem Land through educational tourism. Programs are tailor-made for each school’s requirements and the personal development needs of your students .



“Sharing knowledge and building friendships with the mainstream is the path we Yolŋu have wanted to take for generations. It will create a brighter future for all.” Charlie Matjuwi Burarrwanga – Senior Elder and Head of the Gumatj (Burarrwanga) Clan

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