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    Culture College Ltd. Yolngu Land (East Arnhem Land) William Gove House Block 5, Matthew Flinders Way NHULUNBY NT 0880
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    +61 (0)2 9518 6359
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"We were inspired and searched the country for a suitable location to establish a permanent Kids to Culture campus and a social enterprise to sponsor Aboriginal youth education programs sustainably over the long term."

Hooker Family Foundation, The Scots College and SCECGS Redlands alumnus

"We are very excited to expand our existing student cultural exchange programs with Culture College. Bringing additional sustainable activities to the Homelands, make these traditional lands more attractive for Yolŋu to come back to their country which is critical for the preservation of our culture and our people."

Djawa 'Timmy' Burarrwanga, Bawaka Head Elder, Chairman of Lirrwi Tourism

"Fabulous examples of authentic family life and their intense connection and pride of their country. We are so lucky to share this with young people who can hopefully take from this experience very positive messages about Indigenous people. A great opportunity to immerse yourself in an amazing culture. Learning through experience and interactions with Indigenous people, to hopefully help to break through the negativity generated within the media."

Lucy Haigh, Indigenous Education Coordinator, Geelong Grammar School, Melbourne

"Sharing knowledge and building friendships with the mainstream is the path we Yolŋu have wanted to take for generations. It will create a brighter future for all."

Charlie Matjuwi Burarrwanga, Senio Elder and Head of the Gumatj (Burarrwanga) Clan

"I will treasure most staying on the Homeland. This was a once in a lifetime experience and it was this that really changed my perspective on Arnhem Land. Being so involved in their lifestyle made me appreciate the land and culture. My experience at Culture College was one of the best things I’ve ever done. Nhulunbuy was great to see, and the Homeland was definitely my favourite. I feel like I can properly understand the Yolŋu way of life, and it has changed my way of thinking about true Australia. I loved every minute."

Emily S., Ascham School, Sydney

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