OUR MISSION - Culture College


To develop lifetime cross-cultural relationships for Australia’s youth – unite and empower the next generation of Australia’s leaders today through educational exchange programs to ensure a stronger more dynamic Australia tomorrow:

  • Educate students from urban areas with knowledge of and respect for the oldest living culture on Earth, Australia’s Aboriginal cultures, and the spectacular environment of Arnhem Land.
  • Provide educational and cultural links between schools in Arnhem Land and schools across Australia.
  • Bring sustainable economic activities to the Aboriginal Homelands; making these traditional lands more attractive for Yolŋu to return to their country, critical lands for the preservation of their culture.
  • Strengthen the broader Arnhem Land economy through job creation and also increasing the tourism profile of East Arnhem Land.
  • Improve the utilisation of East Arnhem’s assets by repurposing existing facilities and giving them a new lease on life.




“Sharing knowledge and building friendships with the mainstream is the path we Yolŋu have wanted to take for generations. It will create a brighter future for all.” Charlie Matjuwi Burarrwanga – Senior Elder and Head of the Gumatj (Burarrwanga) Clan

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